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Thread: My new build. BWDs SSS Revolution

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    My new build. BWDs SSS Revolution

    rod ends

    (left to right)

    Lower links, mid arms, uppers

    rear axle with new plate

    chassis with motor and tranny

    front axle with new plate and behind the axle steering. im going to have to get a super short drag link and high steer knuckles

    with lower links on

    not to happy with how close the body pin bolt sits to the gear. when it flexes it hits. i think im going to have to sink it so its flush

    bad picture but the mid arms are on

    mid arms attached to chassis

    uppers/lowers on along with axles

    with wheels/tires on

    mock up of the old body

    over all im happy with the kit and cant wait to try it out and tweak it to run right.

    Future mods: Holmes Hobbies 7t motor, FXR-Pro ESC, "cheater" tires, new body

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    looking good man, you hit the rocks with it yet?

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    i have but just to check it out. its got alot of work left (new esc, steering servo, steering linkage, wheels, tires, body)

    i was quite impressed with it and i think once i tweak everything just right she will handle just about anything

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