I am planning on interring the 2.2 comp this December and I need a rig. So I did some research on line for an affordable starter rig and came across this from JPcostomsrc.com. Iím not looking for a hard core competitive rig but something that will let me have fun at the comps. This kit cost $550 and that is about $200 less than I could put one together not including the controller. Do yall think this is a good deal? Iíve only competed in 1.9 scale and I am in no hurry to be number one in 2.2 comp. So the question is will this last me a while until my skill improves, or am I going to be completely disappointed the first time I take it out.
This is whatís included in the kit.
Axial XR10 Kit
Tower Pro MG946R Servo
Rc4wd XR4 4ch Radio
Rc4wd Outcry Dual Motor ESC and BEC
Rc4wd Rocker Dig Unit
2x Venom 50T Motors
Hot Bodies Rovers White