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Thread: Sgtsteve's '57 Chevy Truck Drifter

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    Changing directions with the Zero. Since Im not racing the Zero anymore I decided to make into a drifter. I went to the hobby shop looking for a new Cuda body since Cory's Camaro came out looking so damn good. Bad news, they didn't have the Cuda, good news, they had a 57 Chevy Truck made by Parma. The body is pretty narrow but long so its going to take some work to make it fit. The width isn't too bad, but Im might have a go at widening the fenders but don't have a clue right now how to do it. The wheelbase is about an inch too long, but needed to be shortened in two spots. Here is the before, after first bob, and then after second bob. Im not sure how the paint will look with that lexan glued to inside so in the end I might need to paint the outside. Either way, the plan on color is black.

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    nice work
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    and scaler freak :D

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    Hey I painted that same body for my truck though, didn't think it'd look rad on a car.... Sweet build
    That's what mine looks like

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