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Thread: Tremelle's Used/New Texas XR10

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    Tremelle's Used/New Texas XR10

    I decided to take a plunge into the dark side and try my hand at comp crawling. The scale comp scene is none existent in north TX. So I checked out the For Sale forums and ran across a nice XR10 to get me started. I ended up purchasing BuckImod's used XR10 on RCCrawler.

    The rig came as a rtr package. All I had to do was charge the battery and head out to the rocks. The first mistake I made was let my 14 year old son take the controls. Now I maybe on the lookout for a second XR10.

    The rig came setup as follows:

    Y town Crawlers CF Secret Agent
    Chaotic Crawlers TI Upper and lower Links
    Aluminum hardware

    Aluminum SCX10
    MiniT springs
    JeepnDoug spring cups
    Creationfab spring retainers
    Aluminum Revo rodend balls

    VP VVD's
    VP upper link mounts
    VP motor plates
    RC4WD Delrin tranny case
    NCD CF Servo mount and rear brace
    VP Wraith Knuckles
    NCD Max Steering Kit
    SCX10 wheel hexes
    Axial machined HD gears machined for extra weight loss
    Boca Green Seal bearings
    Aluminum hardware
    Rowdy Racing battery mount
    NCD Knuckle weights

    Holmes Pro Custom 540's
    5 slot arms skewed
    13 turn
    Stage 4 weight kit
    Ceramic bearings
    Axial Pro pinioned

    Futaba 4PL with 3 rxs
    Hitec 7950
    CC BEC
    FXR's super smashed by Creationfab
    Gensace 3s

    NCD CF Wheels
    VP Machined SLW Hubs
    Shaved Boss Claws
    Stock Rover Foams up front
    CI DD Closed cells rear
    Aluminum Hardware

    In the words of BuckImod, "This is a very nice light weight rig. It weighed in at 3.59lbs before I added 2 solid brass rings on the knuckle weights." So I guess everything is not big in TX.

    Here are some pics taken just after unpacking.

    I took the rig out to some rocks this morning to get a hang on how to drive a moa comp rig. I have only ever driven scalers. I must say it can definitely take lines that are impossible with a scaler. Here are some pics of the rig on the rocks.

    I gave a few of the pics a bit of an extra "touch". :twisted:

    I now am in need of having some skinz made. Any suggestions on where to have them made? Are there any blank templates online for the Y-town Secret Agent available that allows me to design my own and submit them?

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    That was a good buy! I have a buddy that was looking at that truck as well.

    The DFW club should be starting their new season in a month or so (we have State Finals coming up next weekend). You are gonna be AMAZED at how much more capable these trucks are than scalers...

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