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Thread: Sportsman rig

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    Sportsman rig

    I did some trading and im getting a shafty chassis body and links along w some shaved rovers I think. This is gonna be my first crawler, been into the scale scene so tryin something different. The axles I plan on using are the axr10 wider tubed axles under it, holmes 27t torque master black can and my brxl for now. Since this is my first go at this any help would be appreciated:mrgreen:these are a few pics of what it looks like. I have some work to do since I need new axle housing in front due to not having the mounts for the servo/batt tray. Also gonna have stock trans for now and the wheels will be the axial rocksters till I can get some $ for either vp or some light weight ones. Ideas or help lmk!

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    Look great like that paint job

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