Update to the review.

After running this motor for approxmately 8 hours it's coming out of my wroncho. The motor isn't bad, but a 2 pole 540 really isn't enough for this truck, and when geared 18/80 it still got too hot for my comfort on the trails.

I spent a bunch of time playing the the timing of the motor as well and came across some interesting findings.

All motors require at least some level of timing to operate effectively. This is dependent on load, voltage and speed of the rotor. I won't dive too much into this other than stating it needs some for what is called "rotor slip". Even though this motor has an adjustable end bell the range of adjustment is lacking from what it needs to perform really well. As you can see in the photos I have posted there are timing marks all the way up to 40 degrees of advance, however the end bell/sensor board actually won't allow it to turn past about 22 degrees.

I thought I'd work around this by reducing the timing on my end bell and turning C.H.E.A.T on, however, before I even messed around with this function I decided to drive it with just the timing reduced. The motor sputtered/cogged indicating I did not have enough motor timing to combat the rotor slip generated by the load I placed on the motor. This was exacerbated even more by the fact I was running 3s Lipo which allows the ESC to command higher frequencies of output to the motor and thus, even more rotor slip.

This motor actually performed better than expected, it's just not going to work for this application. I'm sure it'll perform just fine in my twin hammers though since it weighs several pounds less. I would not hesistate to purchase another one of these in the future for a budget build.