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Thread: Nylint Rock Crawler 1/6 electrical issue???

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    Nylint Rock Crawler 1/6 electrical issue???

    Hi yall,

    I recently decided to mod the suspension on my nylint rock crawler to raise it higher but in order to do that I had to extend all the wires. After I did that now it will go forward/reverse a foot at a time. Go stop go stop. I thought it was the battery so i bought a new one and charged it, nope still does it. Replaced the controller battery too. I dont get what's going on now, frustrated, all i did was splice extra wire in between current wires...
    Does anyone know what is going please...

    Thank you

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    I burnt out an ESC a couple of months ago by trying to splice in longer cables. I was told it was due to changing the resistance. I don't know the ins and outs of why but it's just good practice to change out the entire cables for longer ones rather than splice in more cable. Sorry I can't give you a more technical explanation. :)

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